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Cocoa and writeTopic to most Moms extremely exciting

Treatment of anemia

Anemia during pregnancy affects not only the development of the fetus, but also on children's health after birth

To a n y s t a - 0.4; I fi nd a - 0.2. With

Sources of vitamin E are many herbs: nettle, chamomile, horsetail, red clover, sage, catnip, alfalfa, hops, oats, mullein, peppermint, etc

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Help a young dad to find his place in the changing family

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Vitamin A - Vitamin healthy skin and good vision

Frankly about childbirth

it requires an anesthesiologist ...! And water does not have already The green ITATION were! ""In! And she was not going to go to give birth "- said a doctor frompathology and left.Frankly about childbirthI was very sorry for my neighbor, because then Iknew what kind of pain it was, and that she hadendure

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W t about s and s b e w a s t c a p s k o n o r o p a a w and p e n e I n, n e s l e t e d u n and d e c a s t h y l k and n and p and n e r a and x.If you notice any signs of varicose veins, wear elastic stockings. imageShoes - naturally! - Should be comfortable

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blood circulation, detoxification effect.Reopoligljukin appointed to replace plasma volume inblood loss, for the prevention and treatment of disordersarterial and venous circulation (including thrombosis,thrombophlebitis, Raynaud's disease) ...When I sat in the hallway with things on the couch forcorridor took a girl who was in the last time sosame as me

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In exceptional cases, a woman in labor fell to the doctor, man

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Week 8

D o p o l n and m o m e n o p o and t e r e b e n to a. EXAMPLE

D o p o l n and m o m e n o p o and t e r e b e n to a

Katerina Ivanovna, in contrast, was dispersed


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g of I d in g th with h e r n o s l o m and - 200 g;p and o and p in t n o d - 150 g;with a l and t and s m o r s to about th to n and s y s t - 50 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;b and n and n - 1 w t.;to o m p o r - l 200 m

Plastic bottle with

Plastic bottle with water

Ability to relax

purified from the lungs of mucus, to help cope with the physical and emotional pain, stimulate energy currents in the body and enhance the human aura

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Mothers with blood group I look hemolysin level

In the first hours

Every day you will measure the temperature, and the doctor during daily rounds will monitor the condition of the uterus and mammary glands (go to the toilet "in a little" before inspection, otherwise crowded bladder uterus will move up - and will create an erroneous impression about your condition) .In the normal course of events, no drugs required

P r o d y c e n a g e s in e m o s e y x e, w e l a t o m e n o a l a n o n e h y w p o r o d u ; p r and o m e n o n and m and n e; n and h and n and I'm 32 n e d e l and b e r e m e n n o with

p r o d y c e n a g e s in e m o s e y x e, w e l a t o m e n o a l a n o n e h y w p o r o d u ;p r and o m e n o n and m and n e;n and h and n and I'm 32 n e d e l and b e r e m e n n o with t and w e n u and n and m n o p m a l s n s t m e h e n and e m b e r e m e n n o s t and p e c o m e n d u e t i n p and n and m and m s n about 500 ME in and m and m and n and D in d e n s e n s and and and with m on about t in p e m e n and g of d a and m e a t a p r o w and in a n and i

If a strong toxicosis, for example, some

If he is over 27, it means that a woman is overweight, and the index of more than 29 indicates obesity

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75 Game 20 Game 20 When it is necessary to recall the words, just look at wire figure - and here they are! Try it yourself! Words: fan dove thermometer magician tractor chocolate needle All done? Turn the page.76 Recall and record WORDS How many words do you remember? Less than 5 words

When a child

The first year of a baby's life is divided into periods:First period - the time from birth to onemonth of life

Sanatorium was in Frankly


Seated on the potty

gently point it hands.Seated on the potty dollAfter some time as a doll sat onpot, ask your child to see, if not the beginningdo it "pee-pee." Then squeeze the doll that she"Pee."To accompany the doll highchair, pottyRemove doll pantiesYou may need to tilt the doll or youdrag it from the plug

Chest pain

Remember that the taste of the milk depends on the mother's diet

Wear loose, clothing

Caution yoga loversYoga not only develops flexibility and support muscle tone, but also relieves stress well

And n and p w - w t 5-7. h and d with

and n and p w - w t 5-7.h and d with l and m o n o m - 200 m l

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shiki?A: Make sure that in rezinochkielastic waist and legs rather itsare idle.

Being a mom - is a profession

t h o n y n o w, h t about s p e b e n o to p on a s d o p o s in m and n e W o l e l;to a k l y w h e in about with n and m s and t in s m and n s w a.I hope this book will be of interest to you and become a real help in the coming months.Being a mom - is a profession that requires you to power and great responsibility, but it's such a nice profession!Chapter 1Toddler still do not expect, but think of it! imageAre you sure you really want this?Pregnancy is not a disease, but nevertheless a serious test for the organism

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carry out the action, generally, do not touchto it, but do not remove the hand in case somethingradiates wrong.Direction hands following the instructionsGiving a child the first instructions arefrom him at arm's length

Do the exercises

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the receptionfood and drink dairy.


birthday Cyril quit smoking, arrived with anothersession, which he handed over annually in the PetersburgUniversity

To o m p a n and e o f d in the x-y t r e w e n x n, and n and on about

to o m p a n and e o f d in the x-y t r e w e n x n, and n and on about with b e n n o o d a t o-o and s and x r o d e s t a n s k o v s and x on h e t i d a l e c o n e m e in aAnd H off to about l to about m e s t r a c with h and m and n s p o n e a r o d o s e n a l a t a s e s t s n and n and l and t s, in a o t o p u t w e n u and n and m e t o w n and x of d and t with s I m e s t e a m e m y and? R d e n d o and x i t i d u w and t u a l e t - a n a l crmax and l and and n e t a g e? e s t s l and n and l and m and x x o l o l o m and n?M o r t y l and r o d e s t a n n and k and n on with u and e t s m and m y and m and n s w and (e with l and d and t on to a to h and with tons of and in to and about to e in p m e n)?M o w e r l and w e n u and n and n and x of d and t with s I r o d e d o m in with o b e s t a n d n o and n e c h a n e n o d e f g o d e t h o

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42 In SPOMNI WORDS AND RECORD How many words do you remember? Less than 5 words

Calcium On average, each

They are also vital for the normal course of pregnancy and fetal development

So the child will be more

shave their private parts (or askrelatives)

To a r t o f E L in m u n d e and p - 200 g; x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k; h and d h e l e n d s - 250 m l. At about

to a r t o f E L in m u n d e and p - 200 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;h and d h e l e n d s - 250 m l

The tumor, which appeared

Kefalogematomy - arises from a mismatchthe size of the child and the birth canal

There are many

IntroductionYou are going to become a mother or just think about it?And have you ever thought that being a mom - it is a profession, like many others, and she had to learn? Something you will learn unconsciously: look closely during pregnancy to children and their mothers to listen to conversations of those who already have experience ..

Therefore, under

When the diagnosis is necessary to exclude chronic cholecystitis, which can occur with similar symptoms

To her, you can add unleavened

To the girl was born, it is recommended for some time to forget about all kinds of meat and replace it with fresh or quick-frozen fish

Violations of the law of the nervous

n a l t have to - 1.0;to p and b s - 1.0;PROOF p o d w and r n s y - 1.0.With a lack of vitamin B12 woman may complain of fatigue, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision and drowsiness

b m of about p h o n o f a s t o i o n e, d p o w s, s o n o b in m e n o m p l o m e u e n and n e o b s h a n o o m e n o n o t o m o d e l e n eIf you see at some of the conditions described, take your passport, exchange pregnant map filled with female doctor consultation, prebuilt little things - and forward to the hospital

Before use, it must

C p e d a1st breakfast:When anemia is very useful pomegranate juice

And m and q, and - 100 g; s about

and m and q, and - 100 g;s about to e and n o m s and n o s in th - 200 m l

I was afraid to die from

Security on vitamin A and other vitaminsminerals

With him well

prick, be sure to make a poultice of magnesia(Three hours) or Vishnevsky ointment (at night) oralcohol (alcohol diluted with warm water) is also on the three -four hours.


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