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Help a young dad to find his place in the changing family. Should not constantly give advice and criticize a man, if he holds the baby does not like you. Given that the Pope spend with their children less time kids have for him more and more curiosity they rejoice.

And finally: do not forget about your own life. Try to keep some of the old habits. And try not to feel the strength of the relationship with her husband, or he may feel the odd man out. To avoid a twinge of jealousy on the part of a loved one, constantly remind him of how you with a toddler it is not enough, as you miss and love him. Читать полностью -->

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Vitamin A - Vitamin healthy skin and good vision. It has a positive effect on the skin and internal organs of the shell, including the fruit. Therefore, it contributes to the normal course of childbirth and the postpartum period - leather and shell less injured and heal better.

Vitamin A is found in liver, fish oils, kidney, butter, milk, eggs, carrots, cheese, apricots, dark green and bright yellow fruits and vegetables (but not citrus). When cooked it is not destroyed.

On the day you will need a 500-10 000 ME (depending on the duration of pregnancy), in recent weeks, may increase to 20 000 ME.

Vitamin B promotes normal metabolism, water-salt metabolism, growth and development of the child's nervous system, liver function mother.

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