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p r and o m e n o n and m and n e;

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b e r e m e n n o s t and p e c o m e n d u e t i n p and n and m and m s n about 500 ME in and m and m and n and D in d e n s

e n s and and and with m on about t in p e m e n and g of d a and m e a t a p r o w and in a n and i. B on l e e p a n n e r o n p and e and m

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If a strong toxicosis, for example, some

If he is over 27, it means that a woman is overweight, and the index of more than 29 indicates obesity. Advisable to bring your weight back to normal before conception, but in any case should not try to lose weight if pregnancy has already occurred. This can

lead to pregnancy complications and impaired fetal growth. During pregnancy should be monitored an increase that it was not more than 7-9 kg. However, in no case should not fall below the minimum target of 7 kg. In this case, a high risk of premature birth.

Rates of weight gain

They are of great importance, allowing the doctor to judge whether the pregnancy proceeds normally and whether the risk of complications. Читать полностью -->

If you like this

75 Game 20 Game 20 When it is necessary to recall the words, just look at wire figure - and here they are! Try it yourself! Words: fan dove thermometer magician tractor chocolate needle All done? Turn the page.

76 Recall and record WORDS How many words do you remember? Less than 5 words . 3 points 5-6 words . 7 points 7 words, but mixed order 10 points All the words in the correct order . 15 points Reward points: If you had to lay down the figure the correct form, the semi- chaesh 5 reward points. If you like this game, you play again. In the Appendix you will find the words and figures (p. Читать полностью -->

When a child

The first year of a baby's life is divided into


First period - the time from birth to one

month of life. After the first month

infant's life, his overgrown fontanelles,

located on the sides of the head, and a small fontanelle,

located at the rear becomes smaller.

Large fontanelle may also grow in size.

When a child Rodnichki expanded in size and

seams diverge - this means that it

increased intracranial d ION. On the other

hand, when the fontanelles and sutures overgrown quickly

it's too bad: evidence of injury

central nervous systems of the child. Second

between small and closed side fontanelles. For

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Sanatorium was in Frankly

event. We came out of the body and narrow asphalt

track went to the club. Sanatorium was in

Frankly about childbirth

Life with a clean slate

forested area: natural beauty was extraordinary, and

breathe so well that even wanted to sing.

Going to a place where everyone was supposed to come, we

saw a huge crowd of people. People settled

heaps and loudly talking to each other, stood

yuk incredible, everyone had a great mood, and

evening was a success warm. And even the fact that the last day Pos l

rain, not scared of anyone present, on the contrary,

the air was transparent and was esch more and more enjoyable

smell the wood. It has been seen that employees pension

system is not in a hurry to get to the clubhouse. Читать полностью -->

Seated on the potty

gently point it hands.

Seated on the potty doll

After some time as a doll sat on

pot, ask your child to see, if not the beginning

do it "pee-pee." Then squeeze the doll that she


To accompany the doll highchair, potty

Remove doll panties

You may need to tilt the doll or you

drag it from the plug. It depends on the model igrush

ki. When dolls pour out a stream of water, ask D

child to pay attention to it, maybe even

touch the water - he should understand that about

emanates. Once the doll will "write", let ma

lysh praise her ("Dolly's a big girl, she does

a "pee-pee" in the potty! "), clap your hands, pat

doll's head, to express their joy at

water that it "help" in the pot. Immediately ska

residents kid, he gave the doll to treat. Course

Doll can not eat sweets, but the kid is mandatory

Consequently get lint, if

quite large and comes to pot, like a doll. Читать полностью -->

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