Do the exercises

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the reception

food and drink dairy.

. Do the exercises for pregnant women.

. Wear a bandage. It will protect your skin from stretch marks and

so wear belly will be much easier.

. Together with her husband (or their parents) to select

store in a baby bed set

bed for her, as well as the wheelchair to lying in

hospital you have been sick of this head, and your spouse

(New father) is not rushed like mad to

city in search of data necessary things.

. Try before pregnancy ( months)

make preventive vaccination against rubella

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birthday Cyril quit smoking, arrived with another

session, which he handed over annually in the Petersburg

University. He said that he read a book by Allen Carr

"Easy Way to Stop Smoking" and he managed to do it!

Cyril himself was very pleased that it all happened, because now

Frankly about childbirth

Life with a clean slate

he did not have to think about where to take the tobacco and

getting up at night to quench their "thirst smoke."

Exactly a year since we started living together,

held our wedding. The invitation was a little -

our "favorite" number - thirteen. We ourselves hoarded

money to buy the groom suit, shoes, shirt,

tie, but for me, the bride, white dress, veil and white boots.

Restaurant chosen and paid for yourself, too.

The restaurant was in the city center, we booked a great

menu, and vodka, fruit and cake brought.

At the wedding, there were only a couple of close relatives and

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To o m p a n and e o f d in the x-y t r e w e n x n, and n and on about

to o m p a n and e o f d in the x-y t r e w e n x n, and n and on about with b e n n o o d a t o-o and s and x r o d e s t a n s k o v s and x on h e t i

d a l e c o n e m e in a

And H off to about l to about m e s t r a c with h and m and n s p o n e a r o d o s e n a l a t a s e s t s n and n and l and t s, in a o t o p u t w e n u and n and

m e t o w n and x of d and t with s I m e s t e a m e m y and? R d e n d o and x i t i d u w and t u a l e t - a n a l crmax and l and and n e t a g e?

e s t s l and n and l and m and x x o l o l o m and n?

M o r t y l and r o d e s t a n n and k and n on with u and e t s m and m y and m and n s w and (e with l and d and t on to a to h and with tons of and in to and about to e

in p m e n)?

M o w e r l and w e n u and n and n and x of d and t with s I r o d e d o m in with o b e s t a n d n o and n e c h a n e n o d e f g o d e t h o

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2 penalty points

42 In SPOMNI WORDS AND RECORD How many words do you remember? Less than 5 words . 3 points 5-6 words . 7 points All words, but mixed order . 10 points All the words in the correct order . 15 points PENALTIES. 2 penalty points for every unnecessary word. Читать полностью -->

Calcium On average, each

They are also vital for the normal course of pregnancy and fetal development. The most important of these are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.


On average, each person in the body contains approximately 20 g of calcium per 1 kg body weight. Most of it (roughly 98%) forms of bone and cartilage. The residue of calcium regulates blood clotting, is part of the digestive enzymes necessary for muscle tone, normalizes the nervous system.

During pregnancy, the fetus receives from 250 to 300 mg calcium per day and the time of birth of the child in the body is already contained about 25 g of calcium.

Daily rate of calcium during pregnancy is 1500 mg per day. Should receive the same amount of mother and after birth, when

breastfeeding. Sources of calcium are dairy products, nuts and seeds, some vegetables. Читать полностью -->

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