Ability to relax

purified from the lungs of mucus, to help cope with the physical and emotional pain, stimulate energy currents in the body and enhance the human aura. Breathing exercises performed woman during pregnancy contribute to a better supply baby with oxygen and nutrients.

Ability to relax is a great painkiller, the ability to control your body will help you perform the physical work, which are labor, and the ability to breathe properly will become an assistant for your child. Yoga teaches concentration, it will help to focus the main forces of maternity care on their child, and not to waste energy on negative feelings of fear and pain.

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Mothers with blood group I look hemolysin level. And antibodies and hemolysin can destroy the baby's blood, damaging the liver, spleen, causing hemolytic disease, jaundice, and the like. Therefore, regular exercise of these analyzes provides timely conduct of therapy aimed at reducing the level of antibodies and hemolysin, if they exceed the permitted limit.

To not be afraid of change, try to follow closely what is happening with your body and organs.

The child begins to stir

Most often, the first fetal movements moms feel in the evenings before bedtime. This is usually between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancy is first, then the woman can feel the movement of the first child at 19-20 weeks, if the pregnancy or mother has re- fragile constitution, then the child can come back to haunt a little earlier - at 16-18 weeks.

The very first movement of the fetus resembles a touch of butterfly wings or a gentle tickle. Gradually the movements become stronger and more persistent palpable. Читать полностью -->

In the first hours

Every day you will measure the temperature, and the doctor during daily rounds will monitor the condition of the uterus and mammary glands (go to the toilet "in a little" before inspection, otherwise crowded bladder uterus will move up - and will create an erroneous impression about your condition) .

In the normal course of events, no drugs required. May, however, assign painkillers like dipyrone.

In the first hours after birth is recommended bed rest. However, not stale Cost: turning or light exercises in bed, breathing exercises and

Other active behavior contribute to the normalization of the bladder and bowel, and the activity of the whole organism.

You can sit in the first hours, but only if there were no tears or cuts in the perineum. If the damage was, and you do not feel the desire to sit before a week. In this case, wait for the doctor, watching your joints, allow to sit. Prior to removal of sutures need a special diet (zhidenkoe food, say in other words: broth and kefirchik). Читать полностью -->

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If a strong toxicosis, for example, some

If he is over 27, it means that a woman is overweight, and the index of more than 29 indicates obesity. Advisable to bring your weight back to normal before conception, but in any case should not try to lose weight if pregnancy has already occurred. This can

lead to pregnancy complications and impaired fetal growth. During pregnancy should be monitored an increase that it was not more than 7-9 kg. However, in no case should not fall below the minimum target of 7 kg. In this case, a high risk of premature birth.

Rates of weight gain

They are of great importance, allowing the doctor to judge whether the pregnancy proceeds normally and whether the risk of complications. Читать полностью -->

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