It has a positive

Vitamin A - Vitamin healthy skin and good vision. It has a positive effect on the skin and internal organs of the shell, including the fruit. Therefore, it contributes to the normal course of childbirth and the postpartum period - leather and shell less injured and heal better.

Vitamin A is found in liver, fish oils, kidney, butter, milk, eggs, carrots, cheese, apricots, dark green and bright yellow fruits and vegetables (but not citrus). When cooked it is not destroyed.

On the day you will need a 500-10 000 ME (depending on the duration of pregnancy), in recent weeks, may increase to 20 000 ME.

Vitamin B promotes normal metabolism, water-salt metabolism, growth and development of the child's nervous system, liver function mother.

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Frankly about childbirth

it requires an anesthesiologist ...! And water does not have already The green ITATION were! "

"In! And she was not going to go to give birth "- said a doctor from

pathology and left.

Frankly about childbirth

I was very sorry for my neighbor, because then I

knew what kind of pain it was, and that she had

endure. Nurse-midwife went to the girl and helped

her to sit up, "Come on, get up, sit on the vessel,

tighter. " When a young girl sat on it, with no

livanul a lot of blood with clots. The sight I

almost turned inside out. I have also wanted to scream

pain, but I did not cry, but only began to moan. The doctor said

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Now if you are comfortable

W t about s and s b e w a s t c a p s k o n o r o p a a w and p e n e I n, n e s l e t e d u n and d e c a s t h y l k and n and p and n e r a and x.

If you notice any signs of varicose veins, wear elastic stockings.


Shoes - naturally! - Should be comfortable. Now if you are comfortable and familiar flutter on high heels, think how convenient it would be closer to the birth. center of gravity will move you much. You're not as clever.

And note: shoes on so-called wedge-heeled shoes is not stable at normal heels of the same height, but quite the contrary.

Often during the second half of pregnancy swollen feet and can therefore need wider shoes (possibly fit and strong raznoshennuyu, so do not take the time to throw in the trash last year's shoes or boots).

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It all Frankly

blood circulation, detoxification effect.

Reopoligljukin appointed to replace plasma volume in

blood loss, for the prevention and treatment of disorders

arterial and venous circulation (including thrombosis,

thrombophlebitis, Raynaud's disease) ...

When I sat in the hallway with things on the couch for

corridor took a girl who was in the last time so

same as me. She smiled and asked me why I'm back in

hospital? Her problems were worse than mine. It all

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

pregnancy bleeding went, and I was

first time, so it made me fear.

A few hours later the doctor came to me and said that

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Now among the causes

In exceptional cases, a woman in labor fell to the doctor, man. As a rule, when women did not turn out near or when the midwife, having exhausted its possibilities, to give up.

Men experience accumulated in obstetrics and, importantly, often recorded. Experience midwives usually transmitted mostly orally.

You can say a lot of bad words about the quality of Russian medicine, but statistics show that things in Russia are not as bad as where women give birth without medical assistance, solely by traditional birth attendants, with minimal or her participation.

In Africa, the maternal mortality rate is 630 women per 100 000 live births in Oceania and worse - 800.

One hundred years ago, when medical maternity care was minimal, women often died from eclampsia. Now among the causes of maternal mortality in the first place bleeding. If you believe that these can be overcome adversity solely by "instinctive behavior", you are mistaken. There is need medical help. Читать полностью -->

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