Toddlers receiving

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Topic to most Moms extremely exciting. If would I was an artist, then necessarily would wrote picture where was be displayed young Mommy studying diaper. Face closeup. Because that such gamma emotions not can not delight.

And is attention quite justified, because how baby celebrates its needs, and then what they quality indicates about how passes its adaptation to external world what its health.


First chair at toddler will black or dark - green color it absolutely OK, then Couple days - greenish (intestine kid populated microflora) and then should purchase joyful yellow color dandelion or less bright as mustard. According consistency Recalls dough to fritters or liquid sour cream. Toddlers receiving Mom's milk, in calais can contain white lumps. Occurs in time or after each feeding. Toddlers receiving mixture chair more thick consistency, dark - yellow or light - brown color. Happens less often, and already to the first end months baby pooping 1-2 times in day.


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