Treatment of anemia

Anemia during pregnancy affects not only the development of the fetus, but also on children's health after birth. Thus, children of mothers who suffered from anemia during pregnancy is 10 times more likely to develop SARS, pneumonia, allergies, anemia and enterocolitis.

In humans, about 300 mg of iron stores, but this is not enough during pregnancy consumed 400-1000 mg of iron.

In addition, anemia during pregnancy and during labor complicated, particularly increases the risk of obstetric hemorrhage.

I treated the degree of anemia in the home, with grade II and III disease for normal fetal development require hospitalization.

Treatment of anemia is being comprehensively. Conducted liquidation fetal hypoxia, treatment of placental insufficiency. Eliminate developed in the body of a pregnant deficiency of protein, vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Prescribe iron supplements, vitamin C, methionine, glutamic and folic acid. When placental insufficiency shows glucose, aminophylline, Trental, etc.


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