Should not constantly

Help a young dad to find his place in the changing family. Should not constantly give advice and criticize a man, if he holds the baby does not like you. Given that the Pope spend with their children less time kids have for him more and more curiosity they rejoice.

And finally: do not forget about your own life. Try to keep some of the old habits. And try not to feel the strength of the relationship with her husband, or he may feel the odd man out. To avoid a twinge of jealousy on the part of a loved one, constantly remind him of how you with a toddler it is not enough, as you miss and love him. Remember that adult dad no less impressionable and touchy than kid.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression occurs in 80% of women, especially in Rodia not the first time. The first reason may be a lack of attention to the woman herself. Relatives and visitors coming to see the house in the first place the baby, because they came to celebrate the birth of a new man, a woman in childbirth is often forgotten about. When a woman feels lonely, she can attract attention tantrums, his slovenly appearance and so on. Her nervous exhaustion after childbirth, sleepless nights, endless fatigue. Help her to remove the part of the duties, podezhurte night, call grandma or nanny.


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