Now if you are comfortable

W t about s and s b e w a s t c a p s k o n o r o p a a w and p e n e I n, n e s l e t e d u n and d e c a s t h y l k and n and p and n e r a and x.

If you notice any signs of varicose veins, wear elastic stockings.


Shoes - naturally! - Should be comfortable. Now if you are comfortable and familiar flutter on high heels, think how convenient it would be closer to the birth. center of gravity will move you much. You're not as clever.

And note: shoes on so-called wedge-heeled shoes is not stable at normal heels of the same height, but quite the contrary.

Often during the second half of pregnancy swollen feet and can therefore need wider shoes (possibly fit and strong raznoshennuyu, so do not take the time to throw in the trash last year's shoes or boots).


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