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Mothers with blood group I look hemolysin level. And antibodies and hemolysin can destroy the baby's blood, damaging the liver, spleen, causing hemolytic disease, jaundice, and the like. Therefore, regular exercise of these analyzes provides timely conduct of therapy aimed at reducing the level of antibodies and hemolysin, if they exceed the permitted limit.

To not be afraid of change, try to follow closely what is happening with your body and organs.

The child begins to stir

Most often, the first fetal movements moms feel in the evenings before bedtime. This is usually between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancy is first, then the woman can feel the movement of the first child at 19-20 weeks, if the pregnancy or mother has re- fragile constitution, then the child can come back to haunt a little earlier - at 16-18 weeks.

The very first movement of the fetus resembles a touch of butterfly wings or a gentle tickle. Gradually the movements become stronger and more persistent palpable. With the growth of the baby, they increasingly resemble shocks, kicks. Sometimes pipsqueak "masters" a new movement. He seemed to "work out" him, repeating several times at regular intervals.


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