If a strong toxicosis, for example, some

If he is over 27, it means that a woman is overweight, and the index of more than 29 indicates obesity. Advisable to bring your weight back to normal before conception, but in any case should not try to lose weight if pregnancy has already occurred. This can

lead to pregnancy complications and impaired fetal growth. During pregnancy should be monitored an increase that it was not more than 7-9 kg. However, in no case should not fall below the minimum target of 7 kg. In this case, a high risk of premature birth.

Rates of weight gain

They are of great importance, allowing the doctor to judge whether the pregnancy proceeds normally and whether the risk of complications. So, I trimester woman often gaining little from 1 to 3 kg, if the pregnancy is progressing normally. If a strong toxicosis, for example, some even lose weight. By the 20th week of weight gain should be about 4 kg. Thereafter considered normal weight increase of 250-300 g per week.


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