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75 Game 20 Game 20 When it is necessary to recall the words, just look at wire figure - and here they are! Try it yourself! Words: fan dove thermometer magician tractor chocolate needle All done? Turn the page.

76 Recall and record WORDS How many words do you remember? Less than 5 words . 3 points 5-6 words . 7 points 7 words, but mixed order 10 points All the words in the correct order . 15 points Reward points: If you had to lay down the figure the correct form, the semi- chaesh 5 reward points. If you like this game, you play again. In the Appendix you will find the words and figures (p. 96). My Points 20 th game

77 Game 21 Game 21 With crafted movie you learned you memorize nat words in order. Now, let's just remember the car- Tink. It is very easy to imagine that picture - it's ready frame of film. Vick had to remember the order of 15 pictures: Memorize with her. Try memorize pictures closely.


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