Seated on the potty

gently point it hands.

Seated on the potty doll

After some time as a doll sat on

pot, ask your child to see, if not the beginning

do it "pee-pee." Then squeeze the doll that she


To accompany the doll highchair, potty

Remove doll panties

You may need to tilt the doll or you

drag it from the plug. It depends on the model igrush

ki. When dolls pour out a stream of water, ask D

child to pay attention to it, maybe even

touch the water - he should understand that about

emanates. Once the doll will "write", let ma

lysh praise her ("Dolly's a big girl, she does

a "pee-pee" in the potty! "), clap your hands, pat

doll's head, to express their joy at

water that it "help" in the pot. Immediately ska

residents kid, he gave the doll to treat. Course

Doll can not eat sweets, but the kid is mandatory

Consequently get lint, if

quite large and comes to pot, like a doll. If


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