Chest pain

Remember that the taste of the milk depends on the mother's diet. If mom ate peppered, spicy, bitter, sour, a product that is not included in the usual diet, or drank strong tea, the milk is hardly likely to appeal to the kid. Eaten in large quantities garlic, onions, herbs, spices change the smell of milk. Milk may have action taken mom drugs, and monthly. Also, do not use scented soap, perfume and other cosmetics that smell.

You can draw the curtains in the room (to the child became quieter). You can enable a child to your favorite music.

Chest pain during feeding

It happens that the baby sucks right nipple is not damaged, soft breasts, engorgement and inflammation there, and still felt discomfort.

Chest pain during feeding may be caused by increased sensitivity of breast and peripapillary zone. Typically, the discomfort eventually pass. Before feeding can gently massage the chest, take a shower, decant a few drops of milk, and then apply the baby.


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