Wear loose, clothing

Caution yoga lovers

Yoga not only develops flexibility and support muscle tone, but also relieves stress well. Yoga exercises are aimed at mastering the technique of proper breathing and achieve harmony with your body. However, pregnant women should not be too "pererastyagivatsya", so you should not do all the exercises in the maximum force. Starting from the second trimester refuse jumps and poses in which to lie on your stomach or back. And in the third trimester refuse subsidence back and leaned forward.

During training, try to stay cool, especially in the first trimester. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Wear loose, clothing does not restrict movement. Summer transfer workout cooler morning or evening hours.

Follow the beat, it should not exceed 140 beats per minute. No less important to control and breath during exercise, try to say any phrase. If you can not say it without shortness of breath - slow paced exercise.

Do not overdo it. Absolutely no reason to bring themselves to exhaustion. After a workout, you should feel pleasantly tired.


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