I was afraid to die from

Security on vitamin A and other vitamins

minerals. Not recommended to receive "Complivit - Mom"

concurrently with other multivitamin preparations,

to avoid an overdose.

Dropper put on schedule in the morning from to

hours. As a rule, I was in the treatment room for

couch under the supervision of a nurse. I made for myself

Opening - I'm a coward. I was afraid to die from that vein

air can get through a dropper, so as soon as

bottle of medicine was over, I quickly called on

approach nurse. By the way, I knew a nurse for a long time, but we

it never communicated. We went to the same school, she

was a year younger than me. Her name is Marina. Maybe I would

and did not know her, but then heard that Mariska,

fourteen girl pregnant, and even

known by whom, shook all our school. All ran


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