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Topic to most Moms extremely exciting. If would I was an artist, then necessarily would wrote picture where was be displayed young Mommy studying diaper. Face closeup. Because that such gamma emotions not can not delight.

And is attention quite justified, because how baby celebrates its needs, and then what they quality indicates about how passes its adaptation to external world what its health.


First chair at toddler will black or dark - green color it absolutely OK, then Couple days - greenish (intestine kid populated microflora) and then should purchase joyful yellow color dandelion or less bright as mustard. According consistency Recalls dough to fritters or liquid sour cream. Toddlers receiving Mom's milk, in calais can contain white lumps. Читать полностью -->

Treatment of anemia

Anemia during pregnancy affects not only the development of the fetus, but also on children's health after birth. Thus, children of mothers who suffered from anemia during pregnancy is 10 times more likely to develop SARS, pneumonia, allergies, anemia and enterocolitis.

In humans, about 300 mg of iron stores, but this is not enough during pregnancy consumed 400-1000 mg of iron.

In addition, anemia during pregnancy and during labor complicated, particularly increases the risk of obstetric hemorrhage.

I treated the degree of anemia in the home, with grade II and III disease for normal fetal development require hospitalization.

Treatment of anemia is being comprehensively. Conducted liquidation fetal hypoxia, treatment of placental insufficiency. Eliminate developed in the body of a pregnant deficiency of protein, vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Prescribe iron supplements, vitamin C, methionine, glutamic and folic acid. When placental insufficiency shows glucose, aminophylline, Trental, etc.

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Sources of vitamin E are many herbs: nettle, chamomile, horsetail, red clover, sage, catnip, alfalfa, hops, oats, mullein, peppermint, etc. Also, it was found in cayenne pepper, raspberry leaf, burdock root, fennel seed , rose hips, parsley and sorrel.

to a n y s t a - 0.4;

I fi nd a - 0.2.

With a lack of vitamin PP pregnant may complain of fatigue, dizziness, depression, insomnia, headache. Often also noted indigestion, skin deterioration, etc.

Acceptance of nicotinic acid in high doses can trigger the development of such pathological conditions as fatty liver. Also remember that nicotinic acid has the ability to expand the blood vessels and lower blood pressure, so you should take it with caution women with hypotension.

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How to establish

Mr. and m and n s w e b s h o l e r o d n o r o n t e R and z and p and x on in;

with about a m e s t s y n n o h n o d o n with with m and n s w o m;

n e d and n and m s and p have to and Dr. Mr. and m w d l i m (n and n e b a b y w to e);

in p e m e n n o and w h k l and m s s in the x and o d s e s o m a and a and s and s t r o s t e d in d o m;

of b u tin g with I with m and n s w o m n o s t i o n s o r o p o in t and s with n and m and n e t s a l s o b e l e s s n.

If you managed to establish the cause of troublesome behavior kid sucking a breast, it is necessary to eliminate it. If you can not understand why he refuses the breast, - seek qualified help.

How to establish breastfeeding

Mom gives a certain rhythm of breastfeeding. Mandatory considered feeding before and after sleep better for a toddler asleep with the breast, and on waking too offer his chest. Читать полностью -->

Should not constantly

Help a young dad to find his place in the changing family. Should not constantly give advice and criticize a man, if he holds the baby does not like you. Given that the Pope spend with their children less time kids have for him more and more curiosity they rejoice.

And finally: do not forget about your own life. Try to keep some of the old habits. And try not to feel the strength of the relationship with her husband, or he may feel the odd man out. To avoid a twinge of jealousy on the part of a loved one, constantly remind him of how you with a toddler it is not enough, as you miss and love him. Читать полностью -->

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